Poetry for Animals

If you are reading this, you are an animal.

There are millions of books written about animals, but only two books in the world written specifically for animals – and the book Poetry for Animals is one of them.* Of course you may find that when you read these poems to an animal it will look surprised and uncomprehending, but this is not because the animal doesn’t understand what you are saying. It is merely because no one has ever taken the trouble to read to it before, and it will only be a matter of time before the animal you are reading to will express its pleasure by purring in your lap, or cavorting gaily about its enclosure, or by gnawing on your skull, or by flying away never to be seen again. Focus-group studies have shown, however, that it is members of your species who tend actually to buy and read books of poems, thus this collection was written specifically with you in mind.

Recommended for Homo sapiens age 12+

* The other is Stories for Animals, available at fine bookstores and from woodland creatures everywhere.

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